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China Tech Talk

Apr 28, 2017

John and Matthew talk about WeChat's mini-programs. Introduced earlier this year, the full potential of mini-programs were not apparent at launch, leading some to speculate that they would never be useful. Matt is pretty bullish while John has a wait-and-see attitude.
Questions they answer:
  • What are mini-programs?

Apr 21, 2017

John and Matthew talk about bike sharing. Since the middle of 2016, China's streets have explosions of yellow, orange, blue, and green as the bike sharing wars take off. Who are the big players? Why is it taking off in China? Will the Chinese government intervene like they have with ride-hailing?


Apr 20, 2017

China Tech Talk is a TechNode x ChinaChannel co-production


This episode is all about introductions: who we are, what we do, and what this podcast is about.

John Artman is Editor-in-Chief at TechNode English.

Matthew Brennan is the founder of